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What trigger is more reliable?

Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:03 pm

I've seen a couple of guides where people talk about triggers with rangers, with vamp vincent, with lancelot(even tho I've already seen it's not really efficent), lately there has been lots of hex teams too, so my question is: which one do you consider the best, or more efficient, for things like raid & hard pounding events?
Atm I'm running
as the auto-battle team most of the times, using this in the normal raid
and either this
Image    or   Image
in firestorm lab; prone to using the 2nd since darrion doesn't really heal that much in there.

I even thought about using Rhea as the main DD, but 60% with SW isn't enough to trigger frequently at the moment, even if when it happens it really hurts.

Other than these, I've got a Vincent with a vampire rune, but I'm still leveling up kahuna and finishing Vin's equip so I haven't really used him and a Lancelot, but after reading a guide on runes I think it's not really worth trying to cap her crit since it doesn't scale well, if I got how stats work right; have a Cybella and a Izumi ready to gear up in case there's a way to get a good crit % on Lancelot.
And sitting on the bench there are a Kai Samurai, a soon to be Assassin Shizu, a soon to be Ninja Sora and a Drake chilling at 3*.

Any suggestion? I'm really liking the hex comp (already getting around 10 trigger with just Kane and SW), and I'm just waiting to pull a Red Hood or another Cybella to go GR to just go with stacks.
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Re: What trigger is more reliable?

Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:33 am

I don't really have a Rhea (could raise one, but I've been a Lancelot user since I chose the wrong job with my Freya, but I might use her Warlord in the future to replace one of my ninjas).

I do like your first setup.  Since you probably attack with Rhea first, then Sven, then Aladdin, and finally Kane (since there is a chance for one to refresh... sven has chance to refresh rhea, etc).
I feel like your bottom right needs the Aladdin ninja removed moved in with assassin.  Then add maybe another crit char behind Kane (cybella/rrh/matilda/kahuna -heal-?).

I'm not quite a pro at this game.  It's just a suggestion.
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What trigger is more reliable

Sat Sep 29, 2018 10:15 am

What? Evermore almost as good as Mana? I liked Evermore, but not the same way I like Mana. Mana was good, Evermore was different And I dont believe it is available now.I vote Majoras Mask.