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An Expert Guide to EQ Enhancement

Thu Jun 22, 2017 1:05 pm

Ladies and Gentleliants!
Played Valiant Force for weeks? Maybe months? Wondered how some players hits the top-tiers while you are seemingly stuck with your progression?
MiloD presents to you… An expert’s guide to EQ enhancement.
In this guide, we will be examining only two different rarities: 5* and 6*
First of all, after weeks and weeks of playing, I’ve stumbled upon an incredible discovery! Now, I may be wrong, but stick with me and help me o won’t you?
Each stat point can give a certain number of ATK, DEF, MAG, CRIT and HP stats!
Let’s see what it looks like!
1 unit = 18-24 ATK
1 unit = 14-18 DEF
1 unit = 14-18 MAG
1 unit = 14-18 CRIT
1 unit = 38-50 HP
(I believe this value changes with your equipment's current rarity! This is just a rough estimate)
All stats in % value are 1 point each! For example, 1% ATK = 1 point. 2% ATK = 2 points etc.
5* Equipment
Let’s take some sample 5* items to study! In my study, I believe that the total base stats that you can achieve for a 5* EQ is 6.


In this picture, HP will take up 1 point, CRIT will take up 2, and the % values will take up a total of 3. Bringing our total bonus stat at base value to 6!  
Still don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at more samples!


ATK = 2, HP = 1, % = 3
TOTAL = 6!

But MiloD! All you’re showing me is Mythical Greatsword! Fine.

How about this then?


ATK = 1, HP = 3, % = 2
TOTAL = 6!
But MiloD! What about at +15?? Are you sure the stats will tally?


Let’s look at this Azure Demon Wings after it has been fully upgraded!
At +15, a 5* EQ should have a total stat of 22, which is equivalent to 6 + 16! (+3 = 2 bonus, +6 = 3 bonus, +9 = 3 bonus, + 12 = 4 bonus, +15 = 4 bonus) 

Check it out now!
HP = 9 (384/42), CRIT = 2 (28/14), % = 7
Add them up and you get… Hey Presto! 22 points 

“MiloD! Are you saying that we can actually roll a perfect EQ with 22% stat???”


Well, it’s kinda crazy, and pretty difficult… But your best friend is? Zodiac.

Is it possible? YES. Is it good? Well… Not quite… (Why the heck do I want CRIT on a Healer??)

“MiloD! What about Might? Trinity? CAN I GET 22% ATK???” 

Personally, I’ve never seen it myself. But I wouldn’t be shocked if someone finally did. Now that, would be an Arathos World Record (Looking at you Munilet!)

6* Equipment
Now we move on to 6* equipment! Welcome to every Ranger’s dream! The One-Hit Wonder!

Based on my study above, the base stat value for a 6* EQ should be 8 points.


ATK = 1, HP = 2, CRIT = 3, % = 2

Since the total value added up for +15 for 6* EQ is 18 bonus stats, (Gallery shows this too!) the +15 version of the gun should have a total value of 26 points.

ATK = 5, HP = 2, CRIT = 6, % = 15 
TOTAL = 26!

And thus, this concludes my guide to EQ Enhancement!

I wish every player all the best in the world of min-maxing!

Show me some of your best EQ won’t you?

P.S. Please take note. It’s not cheap to restore your equipment to conduct min-maxing. Please plan your resources wisely and TAKE YOUR TIME @.@
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Re: An Expert Guide to EQ Enhancement

Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:22 pm

Haha you're so funny MiloD !

Sadly that thread is dead!
I think I will spy on every whales tavern and gather information from anywhere..
Okay, start from tonight..
I'm sorry Mr and Mrs Whales !!

And nice guide MiloD!
I thought the max percentage bonus is 27%..
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Re: An Expert Guide to EQ Enhancement

Thu Jun 22, 2017 3:59 pm

Good info, I will share this with my friends :)
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Re: An Expert Guide to EQ Enhancement

Sat Jun 24, 2017 11:01 am

And here I thought I could improve my emotional intelligence...