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General ranger querstion

Wed Dec 20, 2017 7:55 pm

I have a ranger squad consisting of GS Cybella+2,GR Kane,Paladin Arthur+2,Sharpshooter Gwen+2 and Archbishop Emilia+2 and I'm noticing that my Cybella seems to be extremely squishy as a rule. If she goes down,my entire squad is greatly reduced,as I'm relying on her skill to trigger everyone else I have her linked to to attack,so is there a way I could make her less squishy as a rule? I am currently working on limit breaking her as that should help some,but it's a slow process,so is there anything else I could do?
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Re: General ranger querstion

Wed Dec 20, 2017 8:05 pm

Honestly, rangers are built as glass cannons. Ranger squads function by destroying enemies before they can react, which is why I personally think they are the formation with the most time constraints. They are a meta-defining squad but all squads have a weakness and a ranger squad's weakness is their own cohesiveness and inability to take a hit. You want them to be bulky but you have to live with the fact that rangers are supposed to be frail. Otherwise, the VF team would've nerfed them a long time ago if they were offensively powerful, synergistic and decently defensive starting at turn one.

What I'm saying is a ranger should go all in on offense as they are terrific at killing enemies at the start. You don't want to build them defensively because they suck at it even when you invest in them and building them defensively would force you to give up their offensive prowess.