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[Read First] How to provide constructive feedback and suggestions

Wed Aug 24, 2016 11:15 am

As gamers ourselves, the team behind Valiant Force is very much open to criticisms, or negative comments, about the game. 

We value all constructive feedback and suggestions from the community, so here are a couple of tips to catch our attention!

1. Do not just post a complaint about the features (we will delete such posts), but let us know how would you like to see us improve on them.

2. When you are not sure how to suggest improvements, open a poll thread and seek help from the community, asking if they agree and help you with providing feedback.

Who knows, the more detailed posts which catch the development team's attention might even get a surprise in-game :)

Note: The admins will not always reply, but the development team will be constantly viewing the topics and replies.