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Magical Music Mayhem

Thu Aug 25, 2016 3:21 pm

Welcome Valiants to Magical Music Mayhem!
Lulu has been corrupted by dark magic in the midst of pursuing her musical hobby. 
Defeat the monsters and free her from the spell!
You are the chosen Valiants to defeat darkness and evil in Arathos, but first you have to save Lulu from wicked spell and defeat the monsters! Check out the steps below for more guidance.

Step 1: You have to reach Level 10 to unlock Event and Level 11 to unlock Lulu's Event.  Click the Event and Lulu's Event "Magical Music Mayhem" will be shown (or slide right)

Step 2: There are three main trials that you have to complete. Finish the quests to receive rewards from Lulu but remember that Lulu is very strong so you have to give your best to defeat her!


Step 3: You can go the Event easily from Achievement Board too! Check Achievement button to find out what rewards that you can get when you clear all trials! You will get 200 Gems as Completion Rewards. 



1. Lulu is the exclusive Hero through Closed Beta Period only and she will not available in in Summon or any daily Quest. She might appear in other places after Closed Beta!

2. Lulu "may" join your squad after saving her from evil spell!