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Mr. Snowman Showdown

Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2017 10:09 am
by Satsuki

Happy New Year 2017 to all adventurer in Arathos!
The cold weather seems to have brought about the appearance of icy creatures! Grab a shovel and be prepared for snow(men)?! Check out below guidance before you rid the land of unruly snowmen!

Step 1: You have to reach Level 10 to unlock Event TAB. Click the Event button and “Mr. Snowman Showdown” has opened!


Step 2: There are three main difficulties that you can challenge: Normal, Heroic and Legendary. To unlock Heroic and Legendary modes, you need to:
  • Complete Normal story campaign to unlock Heroic event
  • Complete Heroic story campaign to unlock Legendary event
Remember not to “Express” your way to Heroic and Legendary if you are not good enough for them!


Step 3: Prepare yourself as there will be an endless wave of Snowmen pouring into the battlefield from both the front and back. Your mission is to defeat as many as you can with your squad, and try your best to survive from Mr. Snowman and his minions.


Step 4: Every time you defeat Mr. Snowman, you will be rewarded with Event Points which contribute to the Event Ladder. You would then receive rewards based on the rank you have at the end of this event. Event Ladder will be opened during the last week of this event


Step 5: Do remember to visit the Bazaar to trade “Snowman Ice Cream” that you obtained with special and exclusive loots! You can only redeem each item through limited time only!


Step 6: Check the Event Achievements tab for the event quests! Clear all achievements and get your rewards! (Guess who is back for another concert!)



- If you are unable to defeat the Snowmen until the end, the mission considered as Victory which you have completed the first trial (Complete the Quest)

- Our beautiful Idol of Arathos, Lulu Rhapsody will join and have boosted stats to help Ronan fighting against the Snowmen. Lulu can be obtained through Event Achievement Chest!

- New Mystic hero, Ronan will have boosted stats in the this Event when fighting against the Snowmen. Do note that Ronan is only obtainable through Gem Summoning.