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Phantom Knight's Trap

Thu Sep 22, 2016 1:33 pm

The journey of the young Valiants continues, when Aaria, a knight serving under Gevalon, has reportedly gone rogue. She now commands a rebellious force of her own to raid and pillage as she sees fit. The Valiant, Darrion has enlisted your help in bringing them to justice, as well as to investigae Aaria's peculiar behavior.

Report to Darrion as soon as you are ready and prepare to quell Aaria's forces!

Greetings Valiants.
You are the chosen one to defeat darkness within Arathos and in order to bring peace, you have to help Valiant Darrion, Leon and Theia to bring down Aaria's rebellion! Check out the steps below for more guidance.

Step 1: You have to reach Level 10 to unlock Event and Level 9 to unlock Aaria's Event.  Click the Event and Aaria's Event "Phantom Knight's Trap" will be shown (or slide right)

Step 2: There are three main trials that you have to complete. Normal, Heroic and Legendary. Unlike the previous event, There will be three Node for Normal, two Node of Heroic and the last Legendary. The Aaria Event will be different that any event that we presented as you will see the new mechanic battle system to even more challenging. 


Step 3: In this mode, your squad will start in the middle of the battle field in every wave. In the normal waves, you will be ambushed from front and back. While in Boss waves, the battle will depend on the Map. So you have to form a team that can hold the line for both front and back at the same time.


Step 4: You can go the Event easily from Achievement Board too! Clear all achievement to reach Milestone (50%, 100%) and get your exclusive rewards!