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Waterfall Ruin's Wrath

Fri Apr 14, 2017 12:09 pm

Greetings to all adventures of Arathos!

Ever since the Dark Ruin Depths were discovered, more and more adventurers have been flocking to the ancient site. New findings indicate that the ruins may have been a center of worship for some kind of deity. As reports of water injuries, drowning, and water-related accidents increase dramatically, the Healer Summoner Matilda decides to cleanse the ruins, accompanied by the Valiant Lucille.

Check out the basic guide below to help Matilda and Lucille to defeat the enemies!

Step 1: You have to reach Level 9 to unlock Event TAB. There you will see “Waterfall Ruin’s Wrath” path has been opened!

Step 2: Prepare for trouble, because we just make it double! You will have three main difficulties (Normal, Heroic and Legendary) in two different path. You can choose which one you can clear first and continue to the next one. Remember! The Water Deity is waiting for you at the Master Mode.

Step 3: In this event you will team up with Summoner Matilda and Valiant Lucille to defeat the enemies. Make sure to bring your right squad and reach to the top!

Step 4: Visit Bazzar to trade your Vial of Tainted Water for exclusive items!

Step 5: Lastly, remember to check the Event Achievements tab for the event quests! Clear all achievements and get your rewards!

  • Event Ladder will be opened in the 2nd week of this Event. Matilda is waiting to be in your squad!
  • Our new summoner hero, Matilda will have 150% boosted stats while battling with the deity. The chances to receive Matilda also increased only in this event!
  • This time Ronan will be helping everyone by having 50% boosted stats!