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Tower of Lost Souls

Wed Jun 07, 2017 5:41 pm

Welcome to the Tower of Lost Souls!

As players may or may not have experienced our solo and guild Tower events during Miu and Sven’s run, we are now bringing the permanent solo tower into your daily lives!

This tower will be unlocked at player level 40! Get ready for the toughest challenge of your Arathos career!

With 3 keys a day, all players can choose to climb the Tower of Lost Souls either as quickly as possible, or clear the trials at their own pace! You will not be able to purchase additional keys for this individual tower!

Each floor will be unlocked as you clear a minimum of one trial from the previous floor.

Trial rewards will be shown based on the trials! Decide your path up wisely! Super attractive rewards can be gained along the way (Gems! Gold! 5* EQ Tickets!... And much more!)

Each victory/loss will debuff the stage by 2%, up to 40%

May the best Tower defender triumph! MiloD and Satsuki are looking forward to the first players to complete all three trials in Floor 50!

MiloD has also heard that gems may drop on the floors!

At the same time, Satsuki and MiloD are personally quite excited about the Tower of Lost Souls!
We would like to challenge all players to do their best in the climb. MiloD will be back with a competition after a period of time, when we’ve tracked players’ progressions ;)