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Abyssal Gate + Monster 2.0

Tue Jun 27, 2017 4:59 pm

Dear Valiants,

As we are about to launch the Abyssal Gate, it is important that each of you know what this Gate is about!

Abyssal Gate is a story mode event which rotates itself with the Lost Map story mode event after each Limited-Time Event is over.

In the Abyssal Gate, you will encounter different units who will attempt to conquer Arathos by coming through this terrifying portal. These units have climbed out of the abyss to challenge the Valiants! You will mainly encounter two types of units:
  1. Dark Disciples
  2. Elite Monsters
Our second Dark Disciple will be gracing Arathos soon! Eliza Kingsley, the Champion Dark Disciple will be looking to assist Miu in their quest to pave the way for their Masters through the Abyssal Gate! Along with them, Elite Monsters such as King Maleos will join the fight.

Here’s a series of FAQ to answer your many many questions!

Q. How does one encounter the Abyssal Gate?
A. All you need to do is spend energy in the story modes, and you may randomly encounter an Abyssal Gate while farming the sub-event of Soul Binders/Prismatic Shards.

Q. Who will I encounter more in the Abyssal Gate?
A. The Gates which the units climb out of differ from difficulty in the story mode! For example, you will have a greater chance to meet Elite Monsters in Normal Difficulty and you will have a greater chance to meet Dark Disciples in Legendary Difficulty!

Q. So how exactly does the Abyssal Gate work?
A. You will be able to enter the Abyssal Gate multiple times throughout the entire duration of the event. As you make each attempt, the difficulty level of the boss will either increase or decrease, depending on whether you emerge victorious or defeated!

Each Victory will increase the difficulty of the bosses while each Defeat will reduce the difficulty of the boss.

Q. What can I gain from Abyssal Gate?
A. You will receive Hero Shards from the Abyssal Gate each time you defeat the bosses. Collecting enough of these shards will allow players to exchange for the unit in question. Please do not sell these shards even if you have not collected enough as the Bosses will return during our next Abyssal Gate!
Speaking of Elite Monsters, what makes them so special you ask?

Q. Can I Gacha Eliza Kingsley then?
A. No! You are unable to Gacha the Dark Disciple Champion! She will only be attainable through sheer hardwork and dedication!

Introducing Monsters 2.0! Coming soon!
In Monsters 2.0, a few select monsters will be chosen to be the Alpha warriors of the Monsters clan!

Originally, our Monsters are only able to equip runes, be limit-broken and talented. Now, a few select ones will be able to put on equipment! Will the Gryphon Lord be chosen? Or will the Dark Baron be preferred? Will Undead Jailer stop becoming Talent fodder? Will we no longer use these 5* Monsters to reroll auras?

What do you guys think?
Which feature excites you more? The Abyssal Gate coming on the 29th or Monsters 2.0 at the end of July? How about both?
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Re: Abyssal Gate + Monster 2.0

Wed Jun 28, 2017 3:25 pm

Hi Guys!

Monsters 2.0 will only be ready in the next update! This is a teaser for you guys! Please take note :)