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Lost Map Gameplay

Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:58 pm

Greetings Valiants!

Satsuki and MiloD here to introduce the Lost Map feature and explain how you can participate in it to obtain awesome rewards!

Story Mode Event
The Lost Map is a story mode event which rotates itself with the Abyssal Gate which players should have experienced with Eliza earlier on. This normally occurs after each Limited Time Event.

How to play Lost Map
To play the Lost Map, you will need to collect Map Fragments and fuse them into a complete map in order to hunt for loots! You will need to collect 4 different Map Fragments in order to create a complete Lost Map!

There are 4 different Maps from 3 different difficulties in which you can collect the Map Fragments from.

The Lost Maps: (I = Normal, II = Heroic, III = Legendary)
Lost Map: Guardian (I, II, III)
Lost Map: Mystic (I, II, III)
Lost Map: Shadow (I, II, III)
Lost Map: Fortune (I, II, III)

In order to complete a full Lost Map, you will need to collect Map Fragments A, B, C and D!

Requirements for Normal Difficulty (Lost Map: I):
1 Map Fragment A (this forms the base of the recipe)
1 Map Fragment B
1 Map Fragment C
1 Map Fragment D

Requirements for Heroic Difficulty (Lost Map: II):
1 Map Fragment A (this forms the base of the recipe)
2 Map Fragment B
2 Map Fragment C
2 Map Fragment D

Requirements for Legendary Difficulty (Lost Map: III):
1 Map Fragment A (this forms the base of the recipe)
3 Map Fragment B
3 Map Fragment C
3 Map Fragment D

Do ensure that all the map fragments are of the same type when you merge them to complete the Lost Map! (Guardian, Mystic, Shadow and Fortune)

The rewards that you can gain differs by difficulty!

*Remember to check the possible loots to know what you may get from playing the Lost Map!

Take note though, the higher rarity equipment/gems comes whenever you meet with the BONUS ENCOUNTER!

And now, here’s a series of FAQ to help you along in this event!
Q: How can I find a map fragment?
A: All you need to do is simply play the story mode! By spending energy there regardless of whether you play regularly or use the express tickets, you will have a chance of finding the Map Fragments.

Q: How do I know where to find the correct map fragments that I want?
A: Whenever you enter story mode, there is an icon right under Quests. Click on it and you can see the list of story mode stages where you can find the specific map! To aid you players, you can use the “Find It” button to enter the stage immediately!

Q: Is there a limit to the number of entries to the Lost Map?
A: There is none! As long as you fulfil the requirements in creating the full map fragments, you can enter the event as many times as you want!

Q: How can I enter the Lost Map after merging them into a full Map?
A: Like the Abyssal Gate, simply spend 3/4/5 energy in the three different difficulties and you will be able to challenge the Lost Map!

Q: Can I enter the Lost Map after the event is over?
A: Unfortunately, you are unable to play the Lost Map after the event duration ends. Finish your Lost Maps between 20th July to 27th July (GMT +8)!

Q: What monsters can I expect to face in the Lost Map?
A:There is no fixed boss this time unlike in the Abyssal Gate! However, in the bonus encounters, you will always face a chest which will survive a total of 4 turns!

Q: What happens when my team is defeated in the Lost Map?
A: You will lose the completed Lost Map! Try not to die! But if you really do get defeated, you can still revive your team!

Q: What else should we know about the Lost Map?
A:There are 3 trials for each Lost Map, so if you really need the extra gems, you know what to do!

All the best in your treasure hunt my dear adventurers!