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Conquest Guide

Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:00 pm

The lines have been drawn, and wars have been declared.
Guilds of Valiant Force, brace yourselves for the War of Conquest!

Face off against warriors from lands-afar, and defend your guild’s honor in the glory of combat!
The first War of Conquest shall commence on Monday 0900hrs (GMT+8) on the 12th February. Prepare to face-off against rival guilds from across different servers.

Welcome to Conquest (Beta)! After the Beta period, changes will occur to improve the overall gameplay of Conquest. This includes match-making, rewards for the winning guilds and balance changes to the outpost buildings, wardens and rations etc.  

Requirements to join Conquest:
  • Player Level: 50
  • Guild Level: 10
  • Minimum number of guild members signed up for Conquest: 10
3 guilds shall be matched up in an all-out, 7-day war! Conquest is cross-server, so brace yourselves to combat guilds from other servers. Deploy defender squads to guard your territories, and send attacker squads to invade and capture enemy fortifications! Take down the enemy castle for extra points! Dominate over your rivals by earning the most Conquest Points to earn awesome rewards!

War Phases
Wars will progress over several phases, each with its own unique functions:
  • Preparation: Organize your defenses and deploy Defenders to guard territories
  • Invasion: Invade and capture your enemies’ lands! The more days into the war, the more points each captured territory is worth!
  • Recuperation: Heal and buff your squads! Reorganize your defenses and protect your front-lines!
Between each war, there will be a period of Peacetime, where Guild Masters and Vice Guild Masters can spend the guild’s War Funds to better prepare your forces for the next war!

The war council has matched up warring guilds according to their strengths. The first few matchings may be random, but will eventually stabilize so that guilds are faced-off against rivals with roughly the same standings. This is an area which we will be looking to improve during the Beta phase!

War Guide
To learn more about what you can do in each Conquest phase, check out the War Guide for the recommended tasks for each phase. Completion of each task will also provide rewards.

War Funds
War Funds can be earned through Guild donations from members. Members can donate more than once a day to the Guild’s War Fund. They are used in Conquest for the following purposes:
  • Repair or upgrade Outposts
  • Purchasing additional Rations
  • Recruit Wardens (Raid Bosses!)
Outpost buildings provide the guild with various benefits such as resource generation and combat boosts. Generated resources include Gold, Diamonds (not to be confused with gems) and Healing Rations.
After each War, the current levels of all outposts will be reduced by 1.
Be warned though! Outposts can be captured by rival guilds which will add to their advantage! The current level of your Outposts will also be reduced by 1 level when captured by an enemy! Defend your outposts well or spend War Funds to repair your outposts!

Each guild members can assign up to 3 squads, each with a unique function and purpose for the war:
  1. Attacker Squads: For invading and capturing enemy territories.
  2. Defender Squads: For defending your territories from invaders
  3. Bonus Squads: Can be used as an extra Attacker or Defender Squad, depending on your strategy.
Take note, duplicated heroes cannot be used in the same squad.
Conquest Squads’ HP will not recover after battle. Instead, players need to apply Healing Rations to their squads. In addition, all squads will recover a small fraction of HP at the start of each Conquest Phase. 
After leaving a battle, a squad’s HP will not increase past the initial state of the team even if they are able to heal past their original HP.

Rations are items which can be used to buff and heal your squads. A few Rations will be provided during Preparation and Recuperation days. If desired, additional Rations can be purchased by the Guild Master/Vice Guild Master with the Guild’s War Fund. Lastly, Rations can be used to heal or buff your fellow guild members’ squads too!

Always fighting Raid Bosses? Recruit one for your guild instead! Deploy them at critical locations and watch them withstand waves of incoming attacks!
Note: Rations and Outpost buffs will not apply to the Wardens.
By default, each guild will also have a powerful Warden guarding their Castles! Slay your rivals’ Castle Wardens and defender squads to defeat their Castle for some great loot and tons of Conquest Points! 
You will still need to beat other defender squads after defeating the Castle Warden in order to defeat the Castle!

Conquest Ranking

Conquest Points are awarded for capturing/owning Fortifications and defeating enemy Castles. After the war, the 3 warring guilds are ranked according to the Conquest Points earned. The guild with the most Conquest Points is declared the winner.

The better your guild’s placement, the more epic the rewards! You can even win Diamonds which are used for purchased in the Conquest Shop!

The actual ranking rewards will be adjusted after Conquest is officially released!

Conquest Shop
The fabled Conquest Gears have been forged! With improved set bonuses and exquisite skills, this is the pinnacle of equipment for Warriors of all classes! Conquest Gears are also the first sets of Equipment that can be raised to 7*!

The Set Skill of the new Conquest Equipment will be revealed on the 8th of February.

To all Conquest (Beta) battlers, good luck and may the odds be in your guild’s favor!

To battle!