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Patch Notes 16/5

Wed May 15, 2019 1:58 pm

“It’s been a while hasn’t it? Sorry, we had to take an extended hiatus to deal with some nasty business over at the Twin Frost Pillars. Nevertheless, the show must go on, and our guest stars for this season’s Contest of Legends are ready to go!”

New Features
  1. The Abyssal Shield: Dark Lord Odessa Awakens!
  2. Event-exclusive Protector of Enlightenment (Shield Skin)!
  3. Fablelous Fashion: Cinderella’s Highschool Sweetheart Costume!

  1. Summon rates increased for 3-5★ Odessa
  2. Summon rates increased for 3-5★ Champion Heroes.

Limited Time Event (16 - 23 May)
1. It’s every fighter for themselves in the grand Contest of Legends. Fend off waves of aspiring challengers, but watch out for the Final Challenge! 
  • A super-tough Challenge Mission awaits the strongest contestants at the end of this event. Great rewards await If you make it through the battle while fulfilling specific conditions.
Event Hero Bonus - Bring Event Heroes for bonus stats and drops!
Grand Bazaar Medal Shards:
3★ Odessa- +10%
4★ Odessa- +15%
5★ Odessa- +25%
6★ Odessa- +25%

Stats: All 5★ Champions receive a 50% stat bonus on Event Missions  

2. Arena-themed Unity Altar
  • Receive a 4★ Contender’s Cuirass by completing an Event Achievement, to create a 5★ Triumphant Cuirass - an exclusive evolving Chestpiece. You can determine its base stat by crafting it a 5★ Stat infusion of your choice.
  • Bring the 5★ Triumphant Cuirass and Badges of Valor (event consumables) to the Unity Altar to evolve it to its 6★ and 7★ Forms.
  • You might even redeem a whole Dark Lord Ticket! 

3. Event Equipment: The following Equipment set items are rare drops from event mission nodes:
  • Tyrant Set (5★ Head and Torso for Champions)
  • And a small chance of finding Queen’s Eggs!

4. Tyra’s Secret Shop
  • Tyra’s new stock is now on sale, featuring the rarest, most exotic goods in Arathos! They are priced in Gems, Blood Tokens, and Gold. 

5. Special Event Loot:
Lotus Flowers:
  • 3★ Lotus Blooms have a chance of dropping from any Event Mission node. Higher difficulties yield greater quantities. Combine Lotus Blooms to craft the event-exclusive Protector of Enlightenment (Shield Skin)
  • Queen’s Eggs have a small chance of dropping from Master Difficulty and above.

Gold bonus UP from 16th May (After Maintenance) to 23rd May (After Event) (GMT +8)

New Skins/Costumes
  • Protector of Enlightenment (Shield Skin)
  • Cinderella’s Highschool Sweetheart Costume, available in the “Cinderella’s Fashion Degree” bundle in the shop!

Aura Revamp
The Auras for Odessa Holy Defender, Chaos Knight and Blood Knight have been revamped as follows:

Holy Defender
Persistent: Increase DEF of allies in aura by 30% of hero’s DEF, and Grants this Hero and allies in aura 25% (Up from 15%) chance of dodging attacks.

Chaos Knight
When Allies in aura are hit, there is a 60% Chance (Up from 50%) to:
Reduce skill cooldown by 2 turns and Grant Aegis to this hero, resisting all incoming phusical damage and absorbing a total of 10% of hero’s DEF worth of incoming magical damage (1 turn).

Blood Knight
When Allies in Aura’s HP falls below 60% (Up from 40%), there is a 95% (Up from 75%) chance to:
Trigger this hero and allies in aura to reset the cooldown on enemies’ Active Skills and unleash a ranged attack with 120% of their attack.

The limited-time event “Test of Faith” has ended.