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Patch Notes 6/6

Wed Jun 05, 2019 4:05 pm

The theft of the Holy Grail has resulted in numerous aberrations occurring throughout Camelot, and Merlin has all but expended her power to keep the realm in check. 
However, even the greatest of mystics has her limits, and our heroes must seek out the Lady of the Lake for her guidance, and a way to preserve both Merlin and Camelot.

  1. Summon rates increased for 3-5★ Dark Disciple Valerie.
  2. Summon rates increased for 3-5★ Shadow heroes.
  3. Summon rates increased for 3-5★ Fairy Tale heroes.

Limited Time Event (6th to 13th June)

The enigmatic beings you know as ‘Talent Spirits’ make their home deep within the mysterious woods of Avalon, where they are more commonly known as Wisps. The road diverges in the wood - will you first explore the Fairy Woods in the West, or the Wisp Trail to the East?

All who enter to seek their aid should beware, for it is easy to enter… but those who seek to leave? Not so much. The Lady of the Lake and her Lieutenants await you in a multi-part Challenge Mission - clear her trials under specific circumstances to win her blessings!

Event Hero Bonus - Bring Event Heroes for bonus stats and drops
Grand Bazaar Medal Shards:
3★ Valerie +10%
4★ Valerie +15%
5-6★ Valerie +25%

Stats: All 5★ Shadow and Fairy Tale heroes receive a 50% stat bonus on Event Missions.

Ladder period: 7th June, (8:00 AM) to 11th June, (23:59 PM), +8 GMT

1. Featured Event Drops:

Explore the Fairy woods (Left path) to discover rare materials, including:
  • Bazaar Medal
  • Faerie Dust
  • And a small chance of finding Job Key Fragments, which can be combined to form whole Job Keys!

Explore the Wisp Trail (Right Path) to obtain:
  • Bazaar Medal
  • Wisp Dust
  • A small chance to find 3★ Talent Spirit Tickets
  • And a small chance to find Prismatic Cores (Combine with Talent Spirits to form Prismatic Revenants)

2. Fairy Unity Altar: Blessed by the Fairies, this Altar offers:
  • Job Key Fragments
  • Prismatic Cores
  • Fairy of Wisdom
  • Pixies of Faith
  • Hatchlings
  • Talent Spirits

3. Enchanted Unity Altar: A mysterious shrine in the middle of the woods, the Enchanted Altar allows you to exchange for rare reagents:
  • Faerie Dust
  • Wisp Dust

Gold bonus Up from 6th June (After Maintenance) to 13th June (After Event) (GMT +8)


The limited-time event “Dark Throne” has ended.