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Patch Notes 22/8

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 2:55 pm
by Mauve
 Join Jenny on the beach as Treasure Island returns, catching the last of this Summer’s warmth!

  1. Summon rates increased for Valiant Kiera in the Legendary Hero Summon. 
  2. Summon rates increased for 3-5★ Ranger Heroes. 
  3. Summon Bonus: Each 10x premium summon will award you with Awakened 1 Kiera Selector Shards in addition to Valianite. 
  4. Weekend Summon Bonus: From 24th August, 05:00 am to 26th August, 05:00 am (UTC +8), receive bonus Emiko’s vouchers with each 10x premium summon, in addition to Valianite! 

Limited Time Event (22 - 29 Aug)
Jenny’s done it again, having ‘liberated’ some intriguing treasure maps from another group of shady characters. Follow the trail to uncover the island’s mysterious treasure, and collect great rewards along the way!

Event Hero Bonus - Bring Event Heroes for bonus stats and drops
Grand Bazaar Medal Shards:
3★ Kiera +10%
4★ Kiera +15%
5-6★ Kiera +25%

Stats: All 5★ Mystic Heroes receive a 50% stat bonus on Event Missions.

1.  Featured Event Drops - Destroy Sandkeepers to receive rewards, including:
  • Unidentified Map Fragments
  • Jenny’s Carnival Coins
  • Magic Keys
  • Crafting Reagents
  • Grand Bazaar Medals
2.  Beach Unity Altar 
  • Exchange Emiko’s Vouchers for some of the rarest goods in Arathos, Including Mythic Legend Hero shards!
  • Craft special cocktails with ingredients from the event missions.
3. Jenny’s Beach Carnival rolls into town. Retrieve Jenny’s Carnival Coins from those Sandkeepers to win yourself some spins! 
  • Adventure Wheel - Spin to obtain essential supplies useful when questing around Arathos!
  • Treasure Wheel - contains rare and exotic goods procured from all corners of the realm.
 4.  Lost Maps Return
  • Combine Unidentified Map Fragments at the Unity Altar to select the Lost Maps of your choice.

Kiera’s Summer “Honey Bae” Costume, available for a limited time in the shop! 

Gold bonus Up from 22 August (After Maintenance) to 29th August (After Event) (GMT +8)

The limited-time event “Test of Faith” has ended.