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Patch Notes 29/8

Wed Aug 28, 2019 3:16 pm

“Let’s welcome our guest stars - two of the greatest veterans the Arena has seen in decades! Judging, of course. Not fighting. It’ll be over too quickly if they did.”

New Features
Talent Daily Dungeon: Master Node now open!

  1. Summon rates increased for 3-5★ Guan Yu
  2. Summon rates increased for 3-5★ Shadow Heroes. 
  3. Summon rates increased for 3-5★ Camelot Heroes. 

New Calendars
New monthly Calendar, September, beginning from 1st September. Login daily to claim an entire Exalted egg by day 30! 

Limited Time Event (29 Aug - 5 Sep)

It’s every fighter for themselves in the grand Contest of Legends. Fend off waves of aspiring challengers, but watch out for the Final Challenge! 

A super-tough Challenge Mission awaits the strongest contestants at the end of this event. Great rewards await If you make it through the battle while fulfilling specific conditions. 

Event Hero Bonus - Bring Event Heroes for bonus stats and drops!
Grand Bazaar Medal Shards:
3★ Guan Yu +10%
4★ Guan Yu +15%
5★ Guan Yu +25%
6★ Guan Yu +25%

Stats: All 5★ Shadows receive a 50% stat bonus on Event Missions  
Event Ladder: August 30th (08:00) to September 3rd (23:59), (+8 GMT).

1. Arena-themed Unity Altar
  • Receive a 4★ Contender’s Cuirass by completing an Event Achievement, to create a 5★ Triumphant Cuirass - an exclusive evolving Chestpiece. You can determine its base stat by crafting it a 5★ Stat infusion of your choice.
  • Bring the 5★ Triumphant Cuirass and Badges of Valor (event consumables) to the Unity Altar to evolve it to its 6★ and 7★ Forms.
  • You might even redeem a whole Dark Lord Ticket! 
2. Event Equipment: The following Equipment set items are rare drops from event mission nodes: 
  • Sandstalker Set (5★ Head and Torso for Shadows)
  • And a small chance of finding Queen’s Eggs!
3. Tyra’s Secret Shop
  • Tyra’s new stock is now on sale, featuring the rarest, most exotic goods in Arathos! They are priced in Gems, Blood Tokens, and Gold. 
4. Special Event Loot:
  • Queen’s Eggs have a small chance of dropping from Master Difficulty and above.

Hero XP bonus UP from 29th Aug (After Maintenance) to 5th Sep (After Event) (GMT +8)

The limited-time event “Treasure Island” has ended.