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PVP Team Comp Suggestions

Sat Oct 21, 2017 3:56 am

Hello Valiants,

I have been loving Valiant Force and have only been playing for a month or so and am already lvl 60. (If that's good i don't know as I have never heard or a Anyway,I enjoy PVP and have climbed from the bottom to Gold 2 but can never seem to hold the position. I can't imagine my comp is horrible, but this is what I have been running:

Leon (Tank) Blood Knight +2 (Faith: Zeus)
Tess (Ranger) Grand Ranger +2 (Faith: Ares)
Teresa (Priest) Archbishop +2 (Faith: Kratos)
Shizu: (Assassin) Samurai +2 (Faith: Ares)
Drake (Warrior) Dragoon +2 (Faith: Zeus)

I realize besides maybe changing Drake's Faith to Ares as well for more dmg and Limit Breaking each 5/5, and 6 Star'ing all weapons and armor I'm unsure what else to do, besides find someone perhaps better? I am working on leveling up my Ronan to a 5 Star Mind Warder or Rune Magus (Whichever is better?) for a sub? I can link my lineup if someone is curious to see what else I'm working on. Any suggestions are much appreciated! Thank you!
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Re: PVP Team Comp Suggestions

Tue Oct 24, 2017 2:56 pm

btw from which server are u if i may ask?, if ur from everglades, ur line up that u show me will be a bit hard to survive, especially if ur facing archer squad, my philosophy against archer squad u need a strong decoy before ur mystic or ur squad can use a skill to disrupt their formation, from what i see from line up that's ur showing, they are all melee with low def except darrion, but maybe if below 3600, maybe can still work idk(bcs in everglades the retired also have strong archer squad). & don't get me wrong, i ask about server not bcs other server weaker, but maybe other server  most players still evolved & there is opurtunity with ur kind of Line up can raise higher in arena ;)
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Re: PVP Team Comp Suggestions

Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:58 am

What... the... hell... are you talking about ?!? Are you a corean/japanese/chinese player who uses google trad to write in english ?

Are you talking about VF ?