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Training camp, Armour smith, and Weapon Forge

Fri Mar 02, 2018 9:37 pm

Training camp should also have a Job training to help progress Job levels.
The cost of upgrading Job level is really high especially for 5* hero
I think a passive way of being able to increase the job level will remedy this problem.
My proposal:
At Training camp lvl 1 - pay 1000 gold to increase Job lvl by 20% after 12 hour
Lvl 2 - pay 2000 gold to increase job lvl by 20% after 11 hours
Lvl 3 - pay 3000 gold to increase job lvl by 20% after 10 hours
Training camp At max level, lvl 9 - pay 10,000 gold to Increase Job level by 20% after 5 hours.
Other rules:
- You can only Train one hero to increase their Job lvl.
- you can only Train 4* - 5* heroes my reason for this is that 3* - 1* heroes are easy to increase their Job lvl.

My proposed game mechanics Is a reliable method of leveling the Job of 5* heroes. A training camp at max lvl... It would take 25 hours and 50,000 gold to upgrade to job lvl by 1
In total it would take 75 hours and 150,000 gold to upgrade a 5* hero to 100% Job lvl +2.
It’s a little expensive and time consuming but better than having to rely on phoenix hatchling

Armor smith and Weapon forge
I think these structures should be able to enhance.
Armor smith are able to Enhance Head and Body Gears.
Example: Armor smith at Max LvL is able to Enhance a 5* gear by 25% after 8 hours and after paying 25,000 gold. But for a 4* gear armor smith can enhance if by 25% after 6 hours and after paying 15,000 gold.

Same concept for Weapon forge that is able to enhance Main Hand weapons and Off-hand weapons
Example: Weapon forge at Max LvL is able to Enhance a 5* gear by 25% after 8 hours and paying 25,000 gold. Same with the Armor smith

I think it is a fair game mechanic it is not too fast or slow and not too expensive or cheap. Enhancement items are hard to come by which makes me think it is Intentional