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A note regarding the 45 million damage cap

Sat May 12, 2018 9:08 pm

A bit of a positive-themed post regarding the Raid 45 million damage cap. I cannot locate any notes about it in patch notes, announcements, feedback, or combat discussion. For those who don't know, if you hit 45 million damage in a raid, you're given a note, "mission end error" and you don't get credit for your run. In short here's the concern that I have:
  1. Imagine it from the perspective of an up and coming player, they do really well on the raid, it's their personal best, only to have their great run taken away.
  2. I agree that there's a need to limit the damage. But you can't say, "It's to give all players in the guild a chance to hit the raid" when two or three players can easily kill the raid. (you can't quite kill boss 1 by yourself if each key's max is 45 million)
  3. For a 'known bug' or intended mechanism, it's not mentioned in any official announcements or patch notes that I can find. It's not even mentioned in the notes regarding changes to DS runes. There's no reason for this.
  4. This issue is not talked about often, it's not on the forums at all, and players likely know about mainly from others in their guild, or from encountering it a long time ago. People on facebook acted like I should have known. But HOW would I have known. I'd be suspicious if the top damage on the leader board was 44.8, 44.7, 44.6 million damage, but that's not the case on Cryon. It's like 41 million, 37, and 31.
  5. Lastly, there are many positive ways to implement a damage cap. Have the match end at a certain damage. Allow the fight to continue (so you can practice and see how high you COULD get) but cap the damage that shows up in the report. Decrease damage done after 40 million, similar to healing reduction. (This would allow for varying damage so everyone isn't hitting 45 million exactly, and the leader boards would work)
It's easy for players to do now, so if it's intent was to stop hacking, it shouldn't be so easily reached, and if it IS reached, it shouldn't just remove the run. And on newer servers, for newer players, the first time they are going to learn of it will likely be when they hit their personal best, only to see "mission end error." Especially if these newer players only have so many allies to do the run (like if they're trying for a double Snow White team) and maybe they can't just 'do to the run again.' It's easy to work around once you know about it, but it's really not fun to learn about your first time: losing your personal best run. So have a little compassion for your fellow players, and consider that we need to address this in the game.
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Re: A note regarding the 45 million damage cap

Sun May 13, 2018 11:05 pm

Its a known bug. I dont think its an intended mechanic to prevent hacker. Otherwise, what u mentioned in 5. is a better way of implementing this mechanic.

One of the reasons that u cant find this info here is becoz majority of players cant do that high dmg or have no need to do that high dmg as bosses are to be shared. In the past, admins wont reply to bug threat as well. Its more of they come to check and go fix it so u will mostly find about the bugs that affect all players.

And dont worry its not wrong to not know about this bug. Players cannot be blame for the lack of in-game information/descriptions. Thats not how the business is run.