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Suggestions made by Nazgrad and Fairytail

Sun Sep 16, 2018 2:40 am

Hello Community, Hello Admins,
my Name is Nazgrad and i am the Vice Leader of Fairytail which plays in Hestial.
Over the last time i and my Guild played the Game we came up with various suggestions which we would like to make :)

First of all i want to say we Love this game and invest a lot of Time into this Game, one of the Reason we decided to invest a bit of time in Forum to make Suggestions :)
About a Reply and/or Discussion about the various Suggestions we would be Happy :)

Let's start:
1.First up i would like to make a Complain and a Suggestion about a Solution for coming similar cases.
The Complain is about "Behemoth Jailer" many People payed 20€ for this 6* Hero and where seriously disappoited and saw it as "Trap buy", simply but something indicated as better then it was.
Nowhere when you look at that hero in the Gallery is a difference to usuall Heroes, but he has one really big Difference: He can't be geared!
Many Players buyed it Thinking even if his Skills and Auras are rather S*** he has potential to have a good damage output.. once buyed: No Gear No Talents... That hero may be usefull for every new started but thats it every player that got purple gear can get even range heroes to be way more powerfull..
While thats already done and we can do nothing against that rather wasted money please if you make such a hero again somewhere note it that he cant be Geared or get Talents.

2. Making the Guildraid into a Fight where the Guild actually fights together not against each other.
At the moment its based on "Who does the most Damage gets the most reward" but thats pretty much without taking into Acc that if a Player hits 4 times he may make it into the Top 3 even though Place 4 only did 2 Hits cause he couldnt get online when it refreshed.
Whats more while we all like to take in more Gold, most of us would be Ok with taking a bit less so that Weaker Guildmates get up faster :)
So our Suggestion:
We would like it to be based on Time needed to Complete the Boss.
As Exampe the Patium Box for 1 day, Gold Box for 3 Days and Silver Box Raid chest for 7Days and maybe a Bronze Box everything above that.
Like that the Guild will be motivated to kill the boss as fast as Possible and every Player (that participated) should get a Reward regardless if hes "Good or bad"

3. One Acient for Every Hero Class, as Example a Weapon that can be used by every hero regardless of the Hero, as Example:
1 Hand Sword for Champions (Maybe changce of increasing dmg done to Enemys)
1 Hand weapon for Guardins (Maybe absorbing dmg of the Heroes in his Aura)
Second Hand weapon for Shadows (Maybe changce of Increasing dmg done to Enemys)
1 Hand Staff for Mages (Maybe increasing Skill dmg done to Enemy or giving a changce to inflict a DoT (Damage over Time) based on MAG so even normal Attacks can be of use from Mages)
1 Hand Staff for Healer (Maybe a HoT (Heal over Time, based on max MAG)
1 Hand Gun for Archers (Creating a DoT based on Max DMG)

Like that some heroes that are atm not used because of missing Stats compared to others or because their own Skill is rather lacking could be used again, just dont do any trigger effects like krit triggers allies.. got enough of these effects already^^

4. More 1 Set Peace Gears, not on the Level like the glass Shoes, Vanquisher/Annilator head,  Cuirass Body armor or Ascension/Apex Capes but rather something like "Vengeful Mantle" or "Destroyer's Chaos", like having a set amout of Shards in a Eventmission so that after x Rounds you have it for sure but cant be lucky to have 1 per match.
Espacially Secondhand like Shields for Mages and Healer, Mainhand (Shadow) and Accesoirs are missing one Piece set bonus Gears..

5. Event Gear Selector for Set Pieces like: "Beach Baster 5000 Set" , "Tyrant Set" and "Sandstalker Set" buyable with regular Bazaar Medals.

6. Improved Guild Notice, as example a Whole page where you can give a notice for your Guild, if possible even with a little Messange sybol above the guild altar after it got renewed, so you can't miss it.

7. Improved Chat, just splitting Acivity and Writing Chat would already be good cause the more active a guild is the more impossiblility to write with your guildmates cause the wrote part gets spammed away.

8. Guilds can put a "Least Level to Apply" in so regardless if the Guilds Open or closed only players with Level x and Above can Apply, but that level cannot be lower the the lowest leveled Player in the Guild or Higher as the Highest.

9. Player vs Player Arena posibilty, where its acutally 2 Players against each other, not 1 Player 1 Bot.
Rules as Example:
Classic: based on Player Level a set Amout of gold will be used up and the Winner of the fight gets the amout of gold of the Opponent used and his own Investment. Enemys will be Withhin a +/- 5 level Range
Random: based on Player Level a set Amout of Gold will be used up and the Winner of the fight gets the amout of gold the Opponent used and his own investment.
If the fight is against someone above 5 Level of Yourself no gold will be taken, if the Enemy is below 5 level of Yourself Gold will be taken.
Battles won Against a Player over 5 lvl Above your own will give you a x3 Multiplier on the won Gold.

Or Something like that, maybe one can make it with Blood Tokens as Payment and Winnings too.

10. Increase Capacity for Gear, or make the same gear thats not equiped (lying around) count as one

11. .Change the HP of the Wardens in Conquest or make it based on the Guildlevel.. Srly they got so much HP just putting it into the front makes one way absolutly Safe! Thats not a Conquest thats a matter of who knows it befor the first round and who got lucky to not have one in front of your enemy...

Thats it for now.
Greetings Nazgrad
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Re: Suggestions made by Nazgrad and Fairytail

Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:15 am

11. deleted as Wardens are defeadable as long as several lvl 100 guys attack it. Just wqy to overpowered for "smaller" guilds but wi dont have a suggestion as to change that.
Enemy selection is also not equal as we learned today so a real balance cant be found.
Lvl 32 vs lvl 42 guild with several lvl 100 + players and the lvl 32 not even one..

Befor Balancing wardens there should be a rather equal oppenent else there is no reason to even participate
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Re: Suggestions made by Nazgrad and Fairytail

Thu Sep 20, 2018 2:28 am

Hello hello, it's been awhile since anyone made a noteworthy forum post since this forum is... Dead.

Please note that I'm just giving my argument as what I see within my perspective, and not trying to support or attack anyone.

Behemoth Jailer is not meant to be used for battle, I think most players already know that it's aura reroll fodder for awakened units since 6* units can only use another 6* unit to change aura direction. It's like an unwritten rule since 5* Jailer is common fodder to change faith or aura. Tho I agree that more explanation text is needed to avoid mistakes.

Guild Raid is so much better now with higher difficulty, tho I think the same problem will reappear when more OP units are released. It's design flaw, and to fix this they need to rework raid system from scratch, which is not productive at all.
I think moderators already said before that Guild Raid management is up to players, so it's up to Guild Master, Vice, and Officer to communicate with their members and set up rules befitting to their community. Besides, raid reward is very good now, even silver chest gives a lot of gold that's enough for every week imo.

The reward based on time is not a bad idea, tho it will make new problems. Gap between f2p and spender will widen since spender can clear raid easier and faster, which is not good for any mobile game.
Second is that if you give the same reward to all guild members, it encourages leeching. Leeching players are generally unliked by everyone and personally I don't want them in my guild too.

Class specific items are good but it's nothing special imo so I'm neutral about it. Single piece item with sets are always welcomed, and event gear selector is hell yes. It lessen the RNG factor in drops.

Guild chat, and chat system in general are really bad. Everyone already complained about this and it's also a design flaw. At this point it's better to just consider them nonexistent at all because there are better platforms for communication like discord, line, WhatsApp, Facebook chats, etc.

Please no real time PvP.
You'd be matched with same people all the time because their schedule is the same with yours. And it will be hard and time consuming. I'd rather go against AI like now and personally for me , the easier, the better :p

It's impossible to stack similar gear into one slot because they still have different stats bonus. Tho item slot limit is something everyone has problem with, especially with hoarders.
One small solution I can think of is to make consumables not eating item slot. Because they're consumables.

Nice input tho, I also want more Quality of Life improvement to be implemented in VF.

Such as... More job keys?