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Raid difficulty setting

Sun May 20, 2018 2:18 pm

I would like the devs to implement the way that allows GM and officers to be able to set raid difficulty in advance.

As of now, the raid difficulty can only be changed once we reach each boss. Its very inconvenient. There will be wasted attack on wrong difficulty boss coz some ppl just hit the boss without checking. Its a burden for players to communicate and there will always be some ppl that overlooks the notice or msg.

I dont know if once we set difficulty of raid to master, it will forever become default or not. If thats the case, this may no longer be an issue for us. But i would like the devs to consider building users friendly feature, not let them make mistake and learn especially when releasing new feature.

I still remember the hardship when my guild couldnt clear legendary raid 1 and had to keep telling members not to hit before we change difficulty to normal. We are no top guild and we have to combine every effort to beat all raid 2 bosses at master difficulty. Any wasted effort on wrong difficulty could rob us the chance to beat all 3 bosses.

All in all, its the fault of my members but still why wouldnt the devs just implement raid difficulty feature to facilitate players more, instead of burden them? It doesnt seem so difficult to think for customers and allow them to click ‘difficulty’ button before reaching each boss and set difficulty level in advance.
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Re: Raid difficulty setting

Sun May 20, 2018 7:11 pm

Each raid boss should remember what difficulty was last used in the previous week's raid, and apply the same difficulty for each week by default in the new week. For example, if in the last week, there are 3 bosses and the difficulty used was Master, Master, Legendary, the same 3 difficulties should be applied by default in the new week.